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The first aid kit for the workplace: Workplace Rescue Swag

Looking for a first aid kit for the workplace? Our versatile Workplace Rescue Swag is built tough for use in warehouses, construction sites, mining industries, farms, and all kinds of...

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Keep safe this summer

Australian summers are known for adventure, but it is important you ensure you are keeping safe while having fun!

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The first aid kit for motorcyclists: Adventurer Rescue Swag Motorcycle Bundle

Love to ride? Whether you’re a commuter, weekend rider, dirt biker or musterer, Rescue Swag’s motorcycle bundle boasts the essential supplies that could save you – or your mate’s –...

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The first aid kit for farmers and rural property workers: Adventure Plus Rescue Swag

Designed as a comprehensive first aid kit for tradies, remote workers, farmers or rural property owners, the Adventure Plus Rescue Swag equips you with first aid supplies to treat everything...

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The first aid kit for horse riders: Adventurer + Equine First Aid Kit

Perfect for trail riding, mustering or any other equine discipline, this revolutionary first aid kit combines all the comprehensive medical supplies of the Adventurer Rescue Swag with an additional module...

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The first aid kit for hiking, biking and fishing: Explorer Rescue Swag

The last thing you need is more gear weighing you down on an outdoor adventure, but our Explorer Rescue Swag makes carrying the essentials easier than ever.

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The first aid kit for your road trip, camping or caravan holiday: Adventurer Rescue Swag

Safety supplies might usually miss your road trip packing list, but if you have a Rescue Swag kit in the car boot, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can...

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Why you need a Rescue Swag

First aid is often forgotten until the moment it’s needed, but you don’t want to be caught without the right gear if an accident occurs. Whether it’s a snake bite,...

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AEDs are one of the most effective ways to save lives.  The first few minutes after someone goes into cardiac arrest are crucial in determining whether the person survives; unfortunately, only...

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