Be prepared for common household injuries

A Rescue Swag First Aid Kit open on a kitchen bench.

Injuries don’t just happen when we are out adventuring, they can happen when you are simply at home doing an everyday task.

Whether it be tripping down the stairs with your hands full, slicing your finger while cooking a meal or burning your hand, having a first aid kit in the house will ensure you are prepared to treat any unexpected injuries.

Being able to respond quickly to a medical incident helps to ensure the injury doesn’t get worse, while also potentially being able to save a life.

Below are our key tips to treating three common injuries that happen at home.

1. Burns
Burns are a common household injury that most of the time can be helped with immediate treatment. Ensuring the burn is kept clean and treated appropriately will assist with a faster healing process.


2. Cuts
Cuts can occur at any time whether preparing dinner, gardening, or doing arts and crafts. Having a first aid kit will ensure you can keep the cut clean and apply a suitable dressing to allow the injury to heal.


3. Trips and falls
Trips and falls are more common than you may think and can result in quite serious injury. Should a sprain occur from a fall, having a first aid kit means you can respond and use a sling where required, or strap the part of the body that has been injured.


A Rescue Swag first aid kit contains everything you need to ensure these injuries can be treated straight away at home.

The Adventurer Rescue Swag suits a family or larger household, with the kit containing modules for minor accidents, sprains, snakebites, burns and major injuries. The kit is compact and easy to store.

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