Top tips for camping in winter

Top tips for camping in winter
It's fair to say Australians are tough when it comes to camping in harsh climates.

To ensure you continue to enjoy your adventures this winter we’ve listed some tips to keep you safe and warm outdoors.

  • Build a good campfire
Sitting around a fire is the best way to keep warm when camping in winter. To get a good campfire crackling simply pack matches, fire starters, old newspapers, kindling and plenty of extra firewood to last the trip. To avoid disappointment, make sure all of your fire lighting gear is kept in a dry place overnight and be mindful of fire safety when stoking it throughout the day. Sitting around a campfire is not only an enjoyable camping experience for the family but it is also a great way to cook hearty meals, boil water for a hot drink and toast a delicious marshmallow.

  • Wear layers
It’s important to dress appropriately when camping so don’t be afraid to embrace some layers. Thick socks, closed in shoes, thermals, beanies, gloves, insulated jackets and vests are just a few simply items which could make your winter camp more comfortable. Dressing in layers will help you to regulate your body temperature and prevent you from catching a cold.

  • Keep your camp dry

You’d be surprised how damp your camp can get in the cold. To ensure your belongings stay dry actively try and keep your tent, camper trailer or caravan closed. Sometimes it helps to lay a camping mat under your tent to prevent any moisture from the ground, such as dew drenching it. Try to dry belongings by hanging them in the sun or resting them near your campfire.

With these tips in mind, safety should always be at the forefront of your mind before going camping. Simply preventative measures such as checking the weather, planning ahead and packing the right gear can make a difference in an emergency situation.

To ensure you are ready to provide first aid to potential campfire burns, cuts, infections, sprains or broken bones, make sure you have an up to date first aid kit.

An Adventurer or Explorer Rescue Swag will keep your family safe no matter where, or when you travel.

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