Light weight Safety

At Work or at Play

Always stays dry

Always prepared

What makes Rescue Swags so Special?

We have taken the guesswork out of putting everything you need into one organised pack and  made sure there is nothing you don't - making it the 'No-brainer' Emergency Kit, no matter what your application.  

The only kit available that is Waterproof and dustproof without the bulk. It turns into a sling, splint and immobilisation device and can even carry water in an Emergency.  It comes with a Free First Aid app which will work even if you are out of range.

Praised by Paramedics, First Aid Trainers, Remote Workers and Conservationists alike.

Providing care and safety across a range of activities, including; Mining & services, boating & fishing, living/working in rural Australia or simply enjoying the great outdoors - Rescue Swag delivers protection to the ones you love and ensures you are  prepared for anything at any time.

What is the Original Rescue Swag Difference?

Watch the video below or learn more here

Postage, GST and Returns

ALL OUR PRODUCTS INCLUDE SALES TAX BUT EXCLUDE POSTAGE. Postage will depend on the product chosen and is available at checkout before you purchase.

Postage is based on current Australia Postage rates although we do subsidise them slightly. We also provide a 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction - with no questions asked.  Simply return within 30 days of receipt and we will refund you 100%.  We do not pay return postage. waste wise business
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