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Hepsi Richards  recommends The Original Rescue Swag.29 March at 17:53 · 

So today was caught short in my equine first aid kit. Young thoroughbred sliced through a vein on his fetlock. Extensive bleeding everywhere. The snake bite bandage did an amazing job to stop the blood loss. I know that it wasn’t intended for that but I was amazed and grateful as I was running out of tshirts to wrap around his leg! Thank you 😊

What is the Original Rescue Swag Diffence?

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I have one and have installed them in all of my work vehicles. Great product.

Rob White - Facebook 19 March 2020

I have recommended the rescue swag to all my mates especially the one's who ride as it is very easily strapped to a motorcycle

Shane Wock Gallagher - Facebook November 2019

I purchased the Rescue swag for trail riding with my horse. Thankfully hasn't been needed for humans yet however was great when unexpectedly needed for equine first aid recently while out on the trail with friends.

Danielle Malpas - Facebook review

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