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So what is so good about the Samaritan 500P AED?

As an employer it is vital that your business is kept safe and productive. Having an AED on your premises is an essential part of this, ensuring that in a...

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Topical Insect Repellent To Use Against Dengue Mosquitoes

FROM: Advice to Travelers on Topical Insect Repellent Use Against Dengue Mosquitoes in Far North Queensland, Australia Mosi-guard is natural and DEET free. The natural ingredient is Citriodiol ®, a naturally...

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Australian Snake Bites: When Minutes Matter

Getting bitten by a snake is a terrifying and unquestionably painful experience, but it does not have to be a death sentence. How you react after you’ve been bitten is...

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The 4 Workplace First Aid statistics that you need to know

Only 13% of employers are compliant with the First Aid national code of practice (This code of practice requires employers to implement training for first aiders, first aid procedures and...

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Emergency First Aid Tips for Snake Bites

There are many common fallacies around the treatment of a snake bite and it is critical to know what to do in an emergency.  There are around 3,000 reported snakebites each year...

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Snake Bites - Things to Know

In Australia there are about 3,000 snake bites per year, resulting in about 500 hospital admissions. (Weldon, 2017)While many receive antivenom, on average, two per year will prove fatal. About...

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Survival Kits: Top 10 Essentials

Find out the 10 Most Important Things you need to add to your kit for survival in the Outback (or anywhere for that matter).

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The Importance of AED's to reduce Cardiac Arrest

A sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can occur to anyone at any time and often has no warning signs. Often, SCAs happen in public spaces, like when doing the grocery shopping...

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The HeartSine samaritan PAD 500P Defibrillator combines the very best in public access AED technology. Offering the unique CPR feedback technology, the 500p gives real-time feedback to the rescuer thus...

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