The first aid kit for the workplace: Workplace Rescue Swag

The first aid kit for the workplace: Workplace Rescue Swag

Looking for a first aid kit for the workplace? Our versatile Workplace Rescue Swag is built tough for use in warehouses, construction sites, mining industries, farms, and all kinds of remote work.

With a one year manufacturer’s warranty, it’s got the credentials to back it up: these medical supplies meet the Safe Work Australia First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice requirements to both outdoor and remote levels.

The Workplace Rescue Swag includes three high quality first aid kit modules:

  • Burns & Snake Bites
  • Minor Injuries
  • Major Injuries

We also recommend workplaces add a HeartSine 500P AED to their swag. Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in Australia – largely due to lack of early intervention until paramedics arrive. The reality is that defibrillators save lives, and this technology becomes vital when working in remote and rural areas, where medical assistance could be hours away.

The HeartSine 500P AED is portable, lightweight and also contains technology that determines whether your compressions are effective, electrically through the defibrillation pads. This is incredible important, considering it’s estimated around 70% of all CPR is performed ineffectively.

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