Why you need a Rescue Swag

Why you need a Rescue Swag

First aid is often forgotten until the moment it’s needed, but you don’t want to be caught without the right gear if an accident occurs. Whether it’s a snake bite, burn, sprained ankle, or more serious injury – fast action in those first few minutes can make a world of difference.

Particularly if you’re an Australian living or working in rural and remote areas.

Nobody understands this more than the Royal Flying Doctor Service, with over 80 years’ experience delivering life-saving medical care to Australia’s most remote corners. And now they’re helping all Australians have quick access to important medical supplies with Rescue Swag.

Owned by Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section), Rescue Swag’s first aid kits are like no other on the market and designed especially for tough, remote Aussie conditions. Water-resistant, dustproof, durable and conveniently sized to fit in your car, backpack, work ute or workplace, Rescue Swag ensures you’re always prepared for an emergency – no matter where you are.

With 100% of profits going back to the Flying Doctors, Rescue Swag’s range of high quality survival kits empowers workplaces, families and communities to be prepared and act fast with the right tools at the right time.

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