The first aid kit for farmers and rural property workers: Adventurer Plus Rescue Swag

First Aid Kit For Farmers

Designed as a comprehensive first aid kit for tradies, remote workers, farmers or rural property owners, the Adventurer Plus Rescue Swag equips you with first aid supplies to treat everything from minor accidents to major injuries.  

Time can be the difference between life and death when a serious accident occurs in remote areas, so this survival kit includes an Israeli Trauma Bandage to help control bleeding and stabilise patients, along with an intuitive Rapid Stop Tourniquet which can even be administered using only one hand, making it ideal for high-risk industries or solo outdoor activities. Like other Rescue Swag survival kits, the outer can convert to a sling, splint and immobilisation device.

Adventurer Plus Rescue Swag is designed to go where you do, and fits easily on the back of a saddle, into a pannier, or hangs off the back of a ute seat. It also comes with additional space to customise your kit with personal medications or extra medical items you might need along the way.  

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