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Adventurer - Gift Guide Article

For the adventurer in your life, spending time embarking on their next outdoor adventure is likely the best gift they can receive. However, we understand that an adventure doesn’t fit neatly...

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Outback with Ralph

Outback Explorer Competition entrant Craig and his 85-year-old father Ralph set off on an adventure across the country for some quality time together. The spontaneous “triple A” trip included a...

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Safety on your saddle

Kylie was relieved to have her Adventurer Rescue Swag strapped to the back of her saddle when her horse, which she was leading, got spooked and jumped onto her during...

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A comprehensive guide to camping with kids

Embark on an unforgettable camping adventure in Australia with your kids! Discover essential tips, safety measures, and fun activities to make your family camping trip a resounding success. Learn how...

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Top three road trips in Queensland

Aussies love a good road trip especially when it ticks off some bucket list destinations. To help you map out your next adventure we’ve narrowed down the top three road trips...

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Grey nomad travel tips

As winter sets in, grey nomads are gearing-up their RVs to head north and spend a few months on-the-road exploring Australia’s hidden gems.  Whether it’s planning for a drive along...

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Be prepared for common household injuries

Injuries don’t just happen when we are out adventuring, they can happen when you are simply at home doing an everyday task. Whether it be tripping down the stairs with...

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Importance of being prepared for the unexpected

When Sandy Kellagher bought her son a Rescue Swag first aid kit a few years ago, little did she know it would help him to save his thumb.

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Top tips for camping in winter

It's fair to say Australians are tough when it comes to camping in harsh climates.   To ensure you continue to enjoy your adventures this winter we’ve listed some tips to...

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