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Rescue Swag Range of First Aid Kits for the outdoors

  The Adventurer Range of Rescue Swags are comprehensive kits which include 3 medical supply modules for Minor Accidents, Sprains, Snakebites and Burns and Major Injuries.

Designed specifically for those chasing a lighter, more cost effective unit, the Adventurer Rescue Swag ticks all the boxes.  Fitted with a range of essential medical items supplied in the standard Rescue Swag outer, the Adventurer provides a light-weight option when space is limited.  Buyers looking to customise their kit have room to move with the Adventurer, with space to add personal medications or custom medical items tailored to their activity. 





Ideal for 4WDs, Caravans, Motorhomes, the back of a saddle, motorcycle, boats, kyaking, camping, fishing and any other outdoor and motor sports. Most popular with tradies, SES personnel, firefighters and any one working in a remote location such as geologists, conservationists and rangers.

Rescue Swag medical modules

Also available the Adventurer +H



This Adventurer has all the same components and functions of the Original Rescue Swag Adventurer but has an additional module especially for our Equestrian Friends. 

Proud Winner of the Equitana 2018 Rider Innovation Award, this new module was added at the request of equestrians.

Equestrian Module

To supplement your Adventurer or Workplace Rescue Swag, this has everything you asked for to look after your horse in an emergency.


  • AEROBAN Cohesive Bandage 7.5cm x 4.5cm
  • EROPLAST Rigid Sports Tape 38mm x13.7m x 1
  • Stethoscope Duel Head 
  • AEROAID Spray 50ml x 1
  • Insect Repellent Spray 50 ml with belt/saddle clip 
  • Vital Signs leaflet

The module can be purchased separately if you already have an Adventurer here. 

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This is the Rescue Swag for Motorcycle enthusiasts. We all know the pain of hitting the tarmac and the dreadful injuries that can cause to our skin. The biggest trick to minimising both the pain and infection is to have the right dressings on hand immediately. It is also important to have something light weight, rugged, dust proof and waterproof that easily sits on the back of the saddle or in a pannier.

This version of the Original Rescue Swag First Aid Kit ticks all those boxes. It has all the same great features plus added protection for falls - Additional components include 2 x 20 x 40 combine dressings for larger guys. These help stop infection and aid with pain.

Made from durable material and containing quality supplies to treat everything from sprains through to heavy bleeding and burns, this kit is the ideal companion to take anywhere you go. Handy waterproof and dustproof pack ensures contents are kept dry, organised and easily accessible. And it could just save your life or that of a mate.

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The most popular kit for hikers and those wanting small light-weight kit that hangs off, or fits on, a backpack.  Ideal for bicycles and kids fishing expeditions or as a basic car kit.  

The EXPLORER RESCUE SWAG was and Award Winner with Advance Australia