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Rescue Swag is more than just a First Aid Kit, providing care and safety across a range of activities. Proudly Australian designed and owned. Compact, light-weight, waterproof. Rugged and durable.

Give a Unique, Innovative and Practical Gift that will keep your organisation top of mind for years to come.

Can We Personalise?
Sure!  We will be happy to personalise with your Company logo and slogan, you just need to order 50+ for this feature.

The high quality you provide to your customers will be reflected by this useful, practical kit.  

Perfect for Employee Rewards too.

Which Industries use Rescue Swags?

Used and Trusted by the Mining and Construction and Transport Industries, Agriculture, Conservationists and remote Workers, Graziers, Volunteer Firefighters and Councils, as well as Industry WHS Trainers. 

BlazeAid agreed out of the 8 top kits on the market, Rescue Swag was the best choice.  Paramedics have given them 10/10 too we are proud to say!

So why is Rescue Swag different to any other First Aid Kit ?

Rescue Swag is the only waterproof kit without the bulk.   It is a sling, splint and immobilisation device.  It can even carry water in an emergency and comes with an app which will work even in the most remote parts of Australia.  

Rescue Swag First aid Kit

Here's Why It's Awesome

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