Snake and Spider Bite Kit - Rescue Swag First Aid Kits
Snake and Spider Bite Kit - Rescue Swag First Aid Kits
Snake and Spider Bite Kit - Rescue Swag First Aid Kits

Snake and Spider Bite Kit

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Announcing a new addition to the range!  This is a comprehensive, compact answer to one of our serious Summer dangers. It is suitable for the treatment of all Australian Snake and Funnel Webbed Spider bites, Blue Ringed Octopus and Cone Shell stings.

The revolutionary snake bite bandage has an in-built tension indicator which ensures that  you have exactly the right compression.  A bandage that is too tight will result in a 'whoosh' of venom going directly into the lymphatic system when it is removed.  One that is not tight enough will be ineffective, so using this specially designed bandage will give you peace of mind and take the guess work out when you don't have time to think. 

Purposely designed for the Pressure Immobilisation Technique (PIT), the unique stitching technology ensures the correct pressure is evenly applied over the entire limb for effective bite or sting treatment. This kit contains two handy sizes.

The snake bite and spider bite kit has everything you will need in one handy pack.


1 x Snake Bite Indicator Bandage 10 x 10.5cm    

1 x AEROFORM Snake Bite Indicator Bandage 10cm x 4m      

1 x AEROSPLINT Splint 36″ Rolled     

1 x  AEROSUPPLIES Snake Bite Marker          

1 x  AEROBAND Triangular Bandage 110 x 110 x 155cm           

1 x AEROPAD Low Adherant Dressing 5cm x 5cm      

1 x AEROPLAST Instant Ice Pack 80g                

1 x AEROGUIDE First Aid Leaflet       



We want to make it easy for you to decide which Rescue Swag is right for you...

The Adventurer and Workplace Rescue Swags are the same physical size, with exactly the same outer.    
The original Adventurer is perfect for families, caravaning, camping and all outdoors pursuits. It takes the guess work out of a general first aid kit.  Workplace is, as its name implies, a much more comprehensive kit and complies with WHS standards. 
The new additions to the Adventurer Range are the Adventurer +H for our Equine friends and the Adventurer +B for motorcycle enthusiasts.
The Explorer is a very compact kit designed specifically as an individual kit, that fits in, or hangs off, a back pack.   
All our First Aid kits contain our special self-tensioning bandages, which take the guess-work out of ensuring the right tension is applied.  Perfect for snake bites and sprains.

The Rescue Swag buddy app is available for both iPhone and Android devices, linking you directly to instructions and images to guide you during emergencies.
The differentiating point is the medical content of the swags.

Below is a comparison of the medical items and quantities available in each Rescue Swag:



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