Israeli Haemorrhage Bandage

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The Israeli Haemorrhage Bandage is a unique, combat and clinically proven direct pressure Emergency Bandage which has been adopted by military and civilian organisations worldwide.

Controlling Haemorrhage Faster:

  • Rapid control of bleeding stabilizes patients and saves lives
  • Combat-proven direct pressure bandage
  • Trauma bandage and secondary dressing all in one
  • Quick, easy and effective application;
  • Self-application, even one-handed

Key Applications

  • Standard’ in major military organisations worldwide
  • Already in use by Police, SWAT, Fire and EMS worldwide
  • Quickly stanches haemorrhaging from injuries caused by traffic accidents, workplace accidents, home injuries, gunshot, knife and other assault wounds


  • Integral pressure applicator exerts immediate direct pressure to the wound
  • Secondary sterile dressing maintains pad and pressure firmly in place and lowers risk of further infection
  • Built in closure bar; no pins, clips, tape, velcro or knots
  • Non-adherent pad eliminates pain and wound re-opening upon removal