Cub Scouts Save The Day (Twice!)

Cub Scouts Save The Day (Twice!)

Rescue Diaries: Cub Scouts Save The Day (Twice!)


It’s not every day that you set out for a three-hour hike in Australia’s warmest capital city with 16 kids, five adults, a backpack and a first aid kit by your side. Yet, Cub Scout Leader and former professional chef Gary Brinkman did exactly that. Little did he know, just a few hours later they’d be testing their preparedness by helping save not one, but two injured hikers.


In the rugged terrain of Far North Queensland, Gary set out to lead the annual Father’s Day Hike for the seventh year. For Gary, hiking had become second nature – he navigated the familiar trails with ease and was well versed on the intricacies of the bush. From setting up fires to tying elaborate knots, Gary's expertise in the outdoors was unmatched.


The 2024 Father’s Day Hike started the same as countless others. Between learning about their surroundings and soaking in the scenic views, Gary and the Scouts made sure to keep a watchful eye on each other, especially those who might struggle with the physical demands of the outdoors. But as fate would have it, when the group stopped for a snack and hydration break, one of the dads slipped on a rock, resulting in a severe ankle sprain.


Much like the group had trained for many times before, the Cub Scouts sprang into action, guided by Gary. Making use of their own individual personal first aid kits, The Explorer Rescue Swags, they swiftly immobilised the injured ankle, providing relief to the injured father, before attempting to hike back to the trailhead.


However, the challenges were far from over. While navigating back to safety, one of the dads offering support to the injured slipped and hit his elbow on a rock. Undeterred by the unfolding events, Gary and the Cub Scouts jumped back into action. With the aid of a triangular bandage from their Rescue Swag, they made a makeshift sling.


After over an hour of carefully making their way back to safety, they were finally able to take a deep breath and reflect on the hike’s important learnings. Particularly, the role of every individual, no matter their age, having a sense of responsibility towards safety during outdoor activities.


For Gary, he was further reminded of the importance of preparedness, particularly having a first aid kit like the Rescue Swag on hand. The ease of accessibility to essential medical supplies such as triangular bandages, tweezers, and wound dressings were integral to being able to address the unforeseen accidents with ease.


Gary's encounter demonstrated the importance of preparation when embarking on adventures. Through his leadership and the support of the Rescue Swag, Gary and the Scouts navigated through adversity with resilience (and even learned a thing or two), demonstrating the spirit of scouting in Far North Queensland.


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