Rescue Swag Team Gets Hands On

August 10, 2017

Rescue Swag Team Gets Hands On

The Rescue Swag team joined forces once again with Rescue-1 for first aid training on the weekend. It was a fabulous course delivered with specialised equipment and professionalism by Rescue-1.

As part of an offer to our Rescue Swag and Rescue-1 supports at the recent Field Day, purchases of the Rescue Swag received a free First Aid course provided by Rescue-1 at $120 value. It was wonderful to have the recipients attend the course along with us and to see them get so much out of it. They now have a greater understanding of how best to use their Rescue Swag in an emergency situation.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day and would recommend to all of our followers to learn basic first aid. We always strive to better ourselves and refresh our skills and knowledge, as it can be invaluable in emergency situations.

Thank you Rescue-1 Team!

If your interested in learning Basic First Aid or refreshing your skills check out Rescue-1: