The three things horse owners need to know about horse pain.

horse in pain

by Amanda Edwards

The three things horse owners need to know about horse pain.

Turns out that horse owners like you and me are pretty bad at picking up subtle signs of horse pain.

It's easy to see acute pain in horses.  They seem depressed, there might be obvious guarding or lameness. It's the more subtle and ongoing pain that can be difficult to pick.

So what three important things do you need to know about your horse?

1.  Dispel the myth that horse behaviours such as bucking, propping, refusing to move forward, nappiness, head up during transitions etc are 'naughty' or normal behaviours.  They are not. Almost always pain is at the root of these behaviours. There is no doubt It can be very tricky to find the cause, address it and teach him to move differently but dismissing is not the answer either.

2. Learn to see the signs.  Like any new skill learning to 'see' horse pain takes a bit of conscious effort.  Warning - once you 'see' it, you can't unsee it!  All of a sudden you will see horse pain in horses you never noticed before.  That can be quite confronting.  Ultimately though it gives you a chance to not only address your horse's pain but also get a better performing, calmer and happier pony.

3. Download the ready reckoner by clicking the button below to help you quickly identify horse pain using a validated, standardised tool.

Horse Pain Ready Reckoner

Enjoy your horses and  HAPPY HORSING!!

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