The 4 Workplace First Aid statistics that you need to know

The 4 Workplace First Aid statistics that you need to know

Only 13% of employers are compliant with the First Aid national code of practice

(This code of practice requires employers to implement training for first aiders, first aid procedures and have sufficient first aid kits and signage)

Over 65% of employers are unaware of their obligations under the First Aid code of practice

Only 31% of Australian workers feel confident in how to response to a workplace first aid emergency

Less than 50% of workplaces offer First Aid training to their employees.

(Source: Steve McLeod,CEO,Fire & Safety Australia

If you want to substantially reduce the risk of your workers not knowing what to do during a First Aid emergency, you should consider this 4 point approach to First Aid safety and compliance:

  • Offer first aid training to all interested staff and ensure that adequate numbers of people are trained to act as First Aiders and a First Aid register is kept up to date
  • First Aid response procedures are written and kept up to date as a protection for First Aiders at work and as protection for the employer
  • Adequate First Aid kits and signage is in place according with the code of practice. 
  • Regular emergency response drills should be conducted to ensure that you are prepared for any eventuality.

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