So what is so good about the Samaritan 500P AED?

So what is so good about the Samaritan 500P AED?

As an employer it is vital that your business is kept safe and productive. Having an AED on your premises is an essential part of this, ensuring that in a cardiac emergency you are prepared with lifesaving technology.

About 70% of all CPR is ineffectively performed, so the HeartSine Samaritan 500P Defibrillator contains technology that determines whether your compressions are effective, electrically through the defibrillation pads.

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The Samaritan 500P is the only device on the market that contains the technology that determines through the defibrillation pads, whether your compressions are in fact effective. What's more this is specific to the casualty.

This defibrillator will guide you through the processes of defibrillation and as well as this, will tell you to "Push Harder" or whether you are doing "Good Compressions" - all based on real cardiac out put.

The HeartSine samaritan PAD 500P Defibrillator combines the very best in public access AED technology. Offering the unique CPR feedback technology, the 500p gives real-time feedback to the first responder thus maximising the chances of survival!

In making a decision as to which Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to purchase, you need to carefully consider the 4 links in the internationally accepted chain of survival – otherwise your investment might be an unwise one. These links are:

Early Access – (i.e. someone has to be there to help)
Early CPR
Early Defibrillation
Early Advanced Care – (i.e. the victim needs to receive hospitalisation).

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