Outback with Ralph

Outback with Ralph
Outback Explorer Competition entrant Craig and his 85-year-old father Ralph set off on an adventure across the country for some quality time together.

The spontaneous “triple A” trip included a drive through Central Australia to visit Andamooka and APY Lands in South Australia, followed by Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.

They spent three weeks on the road and completed more than 5,000km in their trusty Land Rover and free camped in the outback.

Craig, who is an ex-tour guide, used his traveling expertise to plan the trip, with a mission to help his father rediscover his adventurous spirit.

“People who are older and retired often talk about their trips and I just said to him - ‘stop talking about it Dad and let’s do it together!’,” Craig said.

“I like travelling with Dad because I want to see that he’s enjoying a quality of life, reliving some of his strengths and rediscovering some of his interests.

“Quite often people can become self-indulgent and only think about their immediate partner or people their own age, so it was a chance for me to share the joys of travelling with my father and make sure he still feels alive at 85.”


Some of the highlights from their trip included camping on Lake Torrens, returning to Bawaka, a day trip to Banu Banu Resort on Bremmer Island and enjoying a movie premier at the local yacht club.

Ralph embraced all of his son’s ‘crazy and bright’ ideas from swimming in waterholes, fishing, 4WDing, camping on a ridgeline north of Barrow Creek, cutting open coconuts on the beach, coming face-to-face with a Death Adder snake to changing a tire in the dessert.

“Dad has been everywhere and done everything but to rediscover something new or visit a place for the first time together just shows there’s so much to do in this great country,” Craig said.

“And to experience these moments with your father or your family is very fortunate.”

Craig and Ralph are now the proud owners of Explorer Rescue Swags to take on their next adventure.

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