Multi- Purpose Whistle and Torch

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1. Standard military-regulated high-decibel survival whistle (the patented design of the sounding inner chamber makes the whistle farther and harsher).
2. Compass (high accuracy, clear at a glance).
3. High-precision thermometer (Faster and more accurate reading of the current temperature).
4. Survival reflective signal mirror (Using the principle of sunlight reflection to alert rescuers to your current location).
5. Tinder magnifying glass (Using the principle of sunlight focusing on the magnifying glass to refract the sunlight onto  dead grass and leaves to produce a flame)
6. High white light LED flashlight (the life of the LED bulb is 10,000 hours).
7. Sealed storage compartment for you to put a strip of paper with your name, address, phone number, blood type, etc. 
8. Nylon lanyard 

Size: about length 9.8cm×diameter 3cm
Weight: about 50 grams
Material: ABS high-strength anti-fall and high-temperature engineering material.