EXPLORER Rescue Swag Landing

The EXPLORER Rescue Swag Kit is the best compact and portable First Aid Kit on the Market.  It fits into a backpack, on a bike, and is the ideal fishing companion. 

Explorer Rescue Swag First Aid Kit.  Light weight first aidThe smart Explorer Rescue Swag First Aid kit turns into a slingExplorer First Aid kit for immobilisation

Featuring the Snake Bite Indicator Bandage and essential medical items, the Explorer is tailored to those who love an outdoor lifestyle, including; hiking, mountain biking, bird watching or children’s activities. The Explorer is about a third of the size of our Adventurer & Workplace Rescue Swags, while still giving you the ability to transform and use the outer as a sling. The detachable internal dry bag design ensures your medical items are protected from the elements and remain completely dry, even if fully submerged.