First Aid kit for 4x4s


Rescue Swag First Aid and Survival kits

Grab an Adventurer Rescue Swag and Get a FREE DRY 10lt BAG! Valued at $35.00

The ULTIMATE Outdoor First Aid Kit. Designed with the ability to transform and be used as a sling, splint, immobilisation device or water carrier. 

What sets our RESCUE SWAG FIRST AID KITS apart from the Rest? The only kit available that is Waterproof and dustproof without the bulk. It turns into a sling, splint and immobilisation device and can carry water in an Emergency.

We have taken the guesswork out of preparing you for an Emergency by creating an organised affordable pack and made sure there is everything you need and nothing you don't. It's the 'No-brainer' Emergency Kit, no matter what your application.
Praised by Paramedics, First Aid Trainers, Remote Workers and Conservationists alike

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