Here's Why It's Awesome

It is the only First Aid Kit on the Planet that is also a Sling, Splint, Immobilisation device, and can even carry Water in an Emergency

Extra Protection

This is the Rescue Swag for Motorcycle enthusiasts. We all know the pain of hitting the tarmac and the dreadful injuries that can cause to our skin. The biggest trick to minimising both the pain and infection is to have the right dressings on hand immediately.   This kit comes with two extra large dressings, 2 x 20 x 40 combine dressings, to cater for larger blokes. These help stop infection and aid with pain.

Rescue Swag Splint

Light-Weight, Dust and Waterproof

It is also important to have something light weight, rugged, dust proof and waterproof that easily sits on the back of the saddle or in a pannier. The Original Rescue Swag First Aid Kit ticks all those boxes.

Handy inner modules are also in waterproof and dustproof packs ensuring contents are kept dry, organised and easily accessible.

Rescue Swag Sling

Everything You Need and Nothing You Don't

 It has all the same great features as the Original Rescue Swag plus added protection for falls.   Made from durable material and containing quality supplies to treat everything from sprains through to heavy bleeding and snake bites and burns, this kit is the ideal companion to take anywhere you go. And it could just save your life or that of a mate.  Just $99.00


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