What is The Original Rescue Swag?



The ULTIMATE Outdoor First Aid Kit.

Designed with the ability to transform and be used as a sling, splint, immobilisation device or water carrier. Rescue Swag provides you with the functionality of a complete, portable, durable and compact outdoor first aid kit. With a keen interest in educating and instructing to eliminate doubt and giving you the confidence and peace of mind to perform first aid and treat a broad range of injuries and conditions. Here are the features of Rescue Swag that make it the world's first SMART First Aid Kit:


The fully portable design makes Rescue Swag the ideal option to take with you anywhere. Attach to your vehicle, saddle, quad or motorbike, ATV, boat or kayak, plus much more. You can also use the belt loops to wear on your person. Fit’n’forget system ensures Rescue Swag is always handy in an emergency. The easy access external pocket allows you an option to carry you mobile phone, Personal Locating Beacon (PLB), or emergency medication for the ultimate in safety.

Rescue Swag is made of durable, water resistant material that is easy to clean keeps the dust out and is built to last. The tough vinyl outer won't rattle, crack or break, making it perfect for harsh and rugged conditions. Quality fittings endure the elements and have been used throughout to ensure ease of access for day-to-day use.


Easy Use
Simple layout with display listing of the medical items within clear module organisation gets you the right gear...fast!

Rescue Swag is true to its name, as it is designed to be rolled and stowed in or attached to cars, fleet vehicles, boats and trailers. When in use, the kit can be unrolled and unzipped to open and display the 3 inner modules containing medical gear.

The FREE Rescue Swag first aid app is available for Apple and Android mobile devices. Simply open the app, scan the QR code and follow the instructions. Once the app is downloaded to your device, no mobile reception is required to operate or access emergency information. You can also make a call to emergency services via the app within Australia.
While Rescue Swag is a comprehensive first aid kit, we realise we all have different needs and preferences when it comes to first aid. The Adventurer allows you the freedom to customise your kit by adding items that you feel are necessary ie. asthma puffers, repellent, personal medications. Otherwise, you can purchase full kit refills for any of the kits in our range. 
* Rescue Swag is covered by a 12 month workmanship warranty.  Easy returns and refunds.



Follow these simple steps to use your Rescue Swag as a SLING:

  1. Remove first aid modules from the Rescue Swag and zip it closed
  2. Lengthen (webbing) straps
  3. Make a roll with Rescue Swag and secure with external velcro tabs
  4. Carefully place the injured limb inside the roll
  5. Pass the extended strap around neck and clip to the opposite buckle
  6. The second strap may be passed around the back and clipped in to the remaining buckle for greater stability.

NOTE: For larger people, both straps may be tied together as an extended neck strap.



Follow these simple steps to use your Rescue Swag as a SPLINT & IMMOBILISATION DEVICE:

  1. Remove first aid modules from the Rescue Swag and zip it closed
  2. Lengthen (webbing) straps
  3. Wrap Rescue Swag carefully around injured limb as required - you will configure your splint to suit the injury. Take care to position around other injuries
  4. Tighten straps until the joint is immobilised or immobilisation is achieved, taking care not to over tighten.

Alternatively, this Rescue Swag can be used to immobilise a leg by fitting it to both legs. Offering extra support and lessening movement.


Advance Queensland is a $405 million whole-of-government initiative that aims to turn ideas into actions by investing in research and technologies, attracting new investment, building global partnerships and encouraging businesses to start and grow in Queensland.

When Rescue Swag presented the idea for a small, more compact product called 'Rescue Swag EXPLORER' ideally targeted towards; bush walkers, hikers, cyclists, mountain bike riders, and any one looking for a more compact and comprehensive first aid kit for their outdoor adventures, Advance Queensland welcomed the product.