Rescue Swag is much more than "just a First Aid Kit". . . Follow our journey from the very beginning and take a look at the driving force behind the heart and soul of Rescue Swag.

From a humble beginning to its first big appearance on Shark Tank Australia Series I; the world's first SMART first aid kit, Rescue Swag, was created in response to a need for portable, comprehensive safety response. Developed in rural Australia, Rescue Swag was born from the challenges of an active, outdoor lifestyle. Ranging from minor cuts and broken bones to snake bites and extreme weather, the Australian bush can be dangerous.

Rescue Swag was a natural solution to provide a portable, durable safety solution that delivers peace of mind and enhances the outdoor lifestyle. Founded by Tracey Beikoff in 2012, Rescue Swag is proudly Australian designed and owned. With the first line of manufacture coming from the inmates at a Queensland correctional centre sewing program, Rescue Swag is now available online and from retailers with Australia.

Providing care and safety across a range of activities, including; Mining & services, boating & fishing, living/working in rural Australia or simply enjoying the great outdoors - Rescue Swag delivers protection to the ones we love and ensures you are  prepared for anything at anytime. Medical content is divided into 3 modules, for quick access to; Minor Accidents module, Sprains, Snakebite & Burns module and Major Accidents module.
Each module displays a listing of the medical items within and the relevant QR code linking directly to instructions using the FREE Rescue Swag app to guide you during emergencies, ensuring confident emergency response. Our mission is to enable you to live everyday with mindfulness, passion and the spirit of exploration.

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Tracey Beikoff
The Original Rescue Swag
  Rescue Swag founder, Tracey Beikoff, drives her business from her office based in Mareeba, Far North Queensland.
Since inception, Tracey was sure that her business could operate successfully from regional Australia. Her strategic partnerships comprise private enterprise through to government agencies, and allow her business to grow and thrive without the city postcode. Tracey is passionate about innovative products that offer meaningful solutions to recreational, industry, defence and foreign aid sectors. Now working on the second generation of Rescue Swag products, her vision to see every person have safety backup on board, is coming boldly to fruition.