EXPLORER Rescue Swag


The Rescue Swag SMART has a sleek new look & now a name to match!... soon to be launching the Rescue Swag EXPLORER! (or previously known as the Rescue Swag "SMART").

When size and weight are paramount, look to Rescue Swag Explorer to provide the ideal 1-person first aid kit solution with all the gear you’ll really need!

Featuring the Snake Bite Indicator Bandage and essential medical items, the Explorer is tailored to those who love an outdoor lifestyle, including; hiking, mountain biking, or children’s activities. The Explorer is about a third of the size of our Adventurer & Workplace Rescue Swags, while still giving you the ability to transform and use the outer as a sling. The detachable internal dry bag design ensures your medical items are protected from the elements and remain completely dry, even if fully submerged.