ADVENTURER + Equine Emergency Kit

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This is what one happy customer Hepsi Richards  had to say on Facebook 29 March 2020

"So today was caught short in my equine first aid kit. Young thoroughbred sliced through a vein on his fetlock. Extensive bleeding everywhere. The snake bite bandage did an amazing job to stop the blood loss. I know that it wasn’t intended for that but I was amazed and grateful as I was running out of t-shirts to wrap around his leg! Thank you 😊"

It's because we were getting lots of comments like these that we decided it was time to offer a proper Equine module.  If you already have an Adventurer you can order the Equine module separately.      

If you would like something more affordable have a look at the Explorer as well.  Winner of Equitana 2018 Rider Innovation Award.