ADVENTURER + Equine Emergency Kit

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  • All the features of the Standard Adventurer with an additional module for horse emergencies.
  • There are 4 modules in this Adventurer: Minor, Snake Bite & Burns, Major and Equine. 
  • Sits beautifully on the back of a saddle
  • Perfect for trail riding, mustering or any other discipline
  • If you already have an Adventurer you can order the Equine module separately.
     If you would like something more affordable have a look at the Explorer as well.  Winner of Equitana 2018 Rider Innovation Award.



"So today was caught short in my equine first aid kit. Young thoroughbred sliced through a vein on his fetlock. Extensive bleeding everywhere. The snake bite bandage did an amazing job to stop the blood loss. I know that it wasn’t intended for that but I was amazed and grateful as I was running out of t-shirts to wrap around his leg! Thank you! 😊"