Scary Facts about Road Deaths in Australia

February 14, 2020

Scary Facts about Road Deaths in Australia

"Half of all road deaths occur in remote and rural areas, despite two thirds of Australians living in cities"
"Support for first responders is also key. Police, ambulance, and community volunteers need sufficient resources for their essential first to scene service," Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia CEO Martin Laverty said in a recent press release.
More often than not first responders are not paramedics, just ordinary Aussies and many do not have any First Aid Training.  They are the ones that might buy those critical minutes for people like the Flying Doctors.
Here is some advice from their website on preparing for your trip:

Before setting out on a road trip, make sure you’re prepared – it could just save your life or someone else's. 

  • Take a first aid kit and instructional guide. (See free Rescue Swag App).
  • Get up-to-date maps and plan your route. 
  • Ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and capable of going long distances. 
  • Check your spare tyre is inflated and that you have a jack and tools. 
  • Only pack what you need – don’t overload your vehicle. 
  • Bring enough food and water to last a few days in case you break down. 
  • Tell people where you’re going and for how long. 
  • Carry or wear gear to protect against sun and insects. 

Remember – if you break down, get lost or run out of fuel, never leave your vehicle. It will likely be your only available source of shelter and shade, and it will be a lot easier for rescuers to spot. 

  • Remoteness from medical care 

If you are involved in an accident or become stranded, the distance from advanced medical care will have an effect on your chances of survival, especially if you need immediate treatment. Drive to the conditions and make sure you have a satellite phone or HF radio to call 000 – mobile phones and CB radios won’t work in remote areas.   Our Free App once downloaded to your phone will work anywhere.

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