August 30, 2017


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Today is a major milestone for Rescue Swag and the RRRC!!!! 52 Rescue Swags are now on their way to remote Treaty Villages of PNG thanks to our freight sponsor SeaSwift.

Rescue Swag has been working with the Reef and Rainforest Research Centre, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to sustainable natural resource management and community wellbeing throughout the tropics. Our connection is part of a joint Australian-PNG community development program called ‘Building Resilience in the Treaty Villages’.
This is all in an effort to support Australia’s nearest neighbours, located on the PNG coast less than five kilometres from the Australian border where local people live in extreme poverty and hardship.

Five women die in childbirth every day and 30% of babies that die under the age of one month do so due to birth related asphyxia or trauma. Women in these Treaty Villages have to grapple with unhygienic and difficult conditions when giving birth. Often left with no choice but to give birth on banana leaves and use old razor blades or slivers of bamboo to cut umbilical cords.

The program has successfully trained 52 Treaty Village men and women as Community Rangers, skilled in sanitation, first aid, community health awareness, responding to an accident, birth or emergency.
The aim of the program is to increase the villages’ self-sufficiency and ability to resist the effects of disease and can provide a safer situation to expectant mothers and the wider Treaty Village communities. This is where Rescue Swag comes in….

The Rescue Swags now on their way to PNG, thanks to Sea Swift, have been adapted to contain an umbilical clamp and stainless steel scissors for cutting the cord, as well as the standard first aid inclusions and swag itself acting as a birth mat. Female rangers can now attend to mothers with the confidence and knowledge that they have the necessary medical supplies to be able to deal with almost any situation. These seemingly small additions will save the lives of mothers and babies.

Today’s celebration was with the contribution of Sea Swift, a local FNQ Cargo and Charter company that specialises in barge, tug and trawler freight services. Now, with their help and generous donation, 52 Swags are on their way to PNG to equip the local Community Rangers, potentially saving lives.

We are well on our way, but have not yet reached our goal of supplying 110 trained Community Rangers with their very own Rescue Swag.
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