February 23, 2018


The Rescue Swag App has been developed in response to our commitment to ensure that every first aider has the confidence to take action when faced with an emergency. Designed specifically to support 'The Original Rescue Swag', this dual solution allows you to have peace of mind that yourself and your loved ones are protected wherever you go and whatever you are doing.

Most people are not confident to perform first aid when in an emergency situation, regardless of the training they have received. With the Rescue Swag First Aid App, first aiders can access clear, concise instructions with photographs, which allows you to easily assist the person in need and call for help if necessary. The inbuilt QR Code Reader allows you to scan the codes found on each of the modules within your Rescue Swag. Directing you immediately to the relevant instructions FAST! At last, you'll have the right support with you wherever you go because Rescue Swag is made to tag along with you during your day-to-day activities, as well as your adventures further afield.

This FREE app provides support for the most common first aid situations, including; Bruises, Sprains & Strains, Minor Wound care, Minor Eye injuries, Itches & Stings, Splinters, Snake Bite, Burns, Shock, Severe Bleeding and Fractures. Also, the very important initial First aid Steps: DRSABCD with Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) guidelines.



Once you have downloaded the 'Rescue Swag' app to your Apple or Android device, no mobile service is required to operate or access the first aid instructions. Making it a reliable option when out and about.
Useful information is also included to instruct you on how to apply the Rescue Swag outer as a Sling, Splint and use as a Water Carrier. As the Rescue Swag is designed to be the ultimate in portability, it is compact, tough and easy to stow. An introductory product tour and instructions on fitting your Rescue Swag to your saddle, bike or machinery using the webbing straps and clips is provided.

 * Information within this app is general advice only and does not replace professional medical advice. Please seek professional medical assistance following any emergency situation.