March 14, 2018


Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas funding is a $405 million whole-of-government initiative that aims to turn ideas into actions by investing in research and technologies, attracting new investment, building global partnerships and encouraging businesses to start and grow in Queensland. This funding has been invaluable, as it has made the idea of 'Rescue Swag SMART' possible, extending our range of innovative first aid products. 

The Rescue Swag SMART has been created in response to a need for a smaller, more compact, lightweight and portable first aid kit. Designed to compliment an active lifestyle, the SMART is ideal for activities such as; hiking, mountain biking, water sports plus much, much more.

Early on in the development of Rescue Swag SMART, we sought input from our amazing Rescue Swag fans and followers. They collaborated with us to provide comments and ideas, from the finer details of the outer to the first aid content. We received feedback from over 200 collaborators on what it is they would like to see in the SMART and what they considered to be necessary in a first aid kit tailored to an active lifestyle. All in all, we aim to develop and launch a relevant and valuable product to the first aid market.

Along with the excitement of our new product launch, the ignite ideas funding has allowed us to work closely with Bond and James Cook Universities to access and utilise Virtual Reality technology. This is a very exciting leap forward for Rescue Swag, opening the door to many more possibilities for interactive first aid training, education and awareness. Our aspiration is to use the technology at our disposal to demonstrate basic first aid techniques to train and educate. Ultimately, equipping everyone with the knowledge and skills to save a life!



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